Vaal’lin Concept: Red Night Costume

The “Red Night” celebration is the anniversary of the White Council dethroning the “False King” of Vaal’lin. Every year citizens dress in white and dip their hands and fore-arms in red ink. In later years the Vaal’lin ladies would have their hands and arms intricately painted in red ink. The red is to symbolize the the literal “blood on the hands”, reminding all of those who lost their lives in the civil conflict. The white of course represents the White Council.

Vaal’lin Concept: Blight Victims

A darker piece of Vaal’lin concept art which aptly reflects the darker tone that this project has.

The Blight spread quickly throughout the Qumar province. It crumbled kingdoms and from the ruins it carved out a new one for itself. Blighthunters went from door to door tearing families apart, carting off the infected to the city of Anteal and disposing of those who died from the sickness.

A new plague is hard to fight, but a plague that is sentient can be almost impossible to defeat.

The war against the Blight lasted for years. Only the Vaal’lin remained untouched as all others fell to the Blight. But when the war was over, and there was no life left to infect within the Qumar province…not even the Vaal’lin could be found.



Dreams are as portals… flat visions of mystic places… fragments bound below my surface…

But I can write dreams!

They flow from me… inscribed yet now unbound… I touch them… and they are real…

And they are real!

Speed Painting: Danger Ahead

Danger Ahead

Quick speed painting, about 20 minutes.