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Recently I made some much needed updates to Grey Skies. As some of you may know I have stopped working in the web design field and returned to my original interest painting.
As I was building the updates for the site I had stripped out the comments for the blog as I felt they were no longer needed and were just an opening for spammers. I also notices that I seldom blogged written pieces and that all my entries are image based. I had been operating a blog over on Tumblr for a while which I felt has better mechanisms in place for posting images and sharing them across other Tumblr users and social sites. So, the blog at Grey Skies is now defunct and I shall be posting entries over on my Tumblr blog instead.

The blog can be found here:

In the new year I shall be activating a redirect for to automatically direct to the Tumblr blog.

Prints for Sale

Yes indeed, Grey Skies is pleased to be now offering prints of the various poster designs I have worked on.
I have been wanting to offer prints for a while now and have spent the last month or so researching several providers trying to find one that would work. Finally it was narrowed down (with some helpful advice from a fellow artist) to Society6.

Currently there is only a small selection on offer but I hope to grow that over the course of the year.

To the many people who have been poking me about the Skyrim piece, at the moment I have no plans to sell that unless I can work something out with Bethesda.

Of Portal 2 and Venture Brothers

Following on from Todd Alcott’s analysis of the Venture Brothers, Matt Colville shares some interesting views on a correlation between the Venture Brothers and Portal 2 as well as “discovery” game play.

Jonas Venture and the original Team Venture occupy the exact same time period as Aperture Science’s heyday. That’s not a coincidence. Valve could have given Aperture Science any number of backstories, but they deliberately set it in the 1960s. Cave Johnson and Jonas Venture are exact contemporaries. Cave Johnson is the Portalverse’s version of Jonas Venture. They’re the same character. Why use that era?

Because it seems so much more interesting to us than the present or, indeed, the future. That generation went and fought WWII, literally saved the world, invented the Atomic Age, and then went to the Moon. They dreamed ridiculously big dreams, the biggest in history, and then went and did them, it appears, effortlessly. We percieve no gap between their reach and their grasp. The Baby Boomers, their kids, had big dreams too. They were mostly artistic, the music and movies of the 1960s and 1970s.

Source: Squaremans

Both Todd and Matt offer some interesting insights that are definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re fans of Portal 2 and/or the Venture Brothers.

Can’t Stop The Signal

Broadcast Signal

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

I apologize for the downtime, everything should be up and running again now. Some DNS issues may crop up however.

“You can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.”

- Mr. Universe