Random Art: Emika

Emika’s DVA album came out not long ago and because I enjoy her music it has been constantly playing out of my speakers.

As a result, when I started up Photoshop and began working on something that something ended up being a portrait of the lady herself. Working portraits of actual people in this style has only been a recent thing which I started in my sketchbook originally when I was trying to refine some ideas. It also allowed me to continue working on some issues I’ve noticed cropping up in other pieces, namely getting the eyes to look ok.

I wasn’t sure about the red hair at first. I wanted elements of the DVA album cover to be incorporated into the painting given that was my inspiration. But I cycled through various colour ideas and nothing other than the red really worked for me.

Anyway, the finished piece;


And below some work in progress shots;



Boy of Silence

Boy of Silence

Awesome, got featured on Irrational Games’ blog.

Speed Painting: Danger Ahead

Danger Ahead

Quick speed painting, about 20 minutes.

Sketch: Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard Speed Paint

Done in Al.chemy with some colour tweaks in Photoshop..

Sketch: Elizabeth

It’s been a while since I’ve sketched out and about. Had to take the car into the shop earlier in the week, as a result my daughter Elizabeth and I were sat there for a few hours. So I decided to take one of my sketchbooks along with me whilst we waited.

After sketching few things around the mechanic’s office Elizabeth asked me to draw her as she played her DS. So here it is, a quick 5-10 minute sketch in ink pen, with another 5 mintues of quick “colouring” in Photoshop.

Elizabeth Sketch

Was a bit of a pain as she couldn’t keep still to save her life.

Coming of Age

Coming of Age

The photo this image was created from was on I took many years ago. My uncle used to have a sky blue Morris Minor which ended up in my grandparents garden. There it stayed for countless years until the floor-pan rusted out and plants grew up inside of the vehicle.

I think he always meant to do something with it, fix it up perhaps. But he never did, so it became a fixture in that garden.

A few years ago it was finally removed after my grandparents starting having their garden landscaped, a shame but completely understandable.