First Discovery

First Discovery

I had planned on returning to the First Discovery speed painting later after working on some other ideas. But I found myself relaunching it in Photoshop and spending the last two days working on it almost constantly.

Whilst I was working on the speed painting version, I had the idea of it being possibly the first in a series. With several other pieces perhaps containing some kind of narrative regarding this triangle gates that are depicted.
So I took the first one further and built upon it. I think I have finally reached a point where I feel it is done. I find it difficult to know when I’m at that point. I’m sure others will look at my work and go “well I would have done this and changed that”. To a degree I can see where I can continue to add and refine elements. But I know from working with oil paints in the past it is easy to go to far and the piece can end up looking over worked, cluttered. The focus of the piece starts to get lost.
So in the end I make the decision, sometimes it sticks and sometimes I continue to tweak a few things. In the end it is my work, people will either like it hate it. I do it because I enjoy making something so if I am happy with the result then I believe it was time worth spent.

The triangle motif however, is overplayed. I’m not sure how many pieces will be in this series (I’m thinking three at this point) but when I’m done I think I will move on to something new. I wanted the triangle elements to remain in this piece because I wanted it to have kind of connection to the more design orientated pieces of the “retro” stuff.

Print is avaiable for those interested: First Discovery Print

Speed Painting: First Discovery

First Discovery

Been a while since I’ve updated. Been busy working on other 3D related projects.

20 minutes speed painting in Photoshop. Will most likely revisit this one again later and fine tune it.