Speed Painting: The Arches

The Arches

45 minute painting in Photoshop with the base done in Al.chemy. Was also trying out some new brushes.

Print: Second Lives 2012

Second Lives 2012

I have been working through some of my older pieces lately. Making sure they are a higher resolution and tweaking the designs slightly fixing things I am unhappy with.

First through the changes is Second Lives which has seen significant changes. I will be offering a print of the older version soon for those of you who prefer the older version.

Print is now available through the print store.

Prints for Sale

Yes indeed, Grey Skies is pleased to be now offering prints of the various poster designs I have worked on.
I have been wanting to offer prints for a while now and have spent the last month or so researching several providers trying to find one that would work. Finally it was narrowed down (with some helpful advice from a fellow artist) to Society6.

Currently there is only a small selection on offer but I hope to grow that over the course of the year.

To the many people who have been poking me about the Skyrim piece, at the moment I have no plans to sell that unless I can work something out with Bethesda.

Sketch: Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard Speed Paint

Done in Al.chemy with some colour tweaks in Photoshop..