Rusan Von Guyovich

Rusan Von Guyovich

“Hellowski! I am, how you say, Russian guyovich”

- Hank Venture

Bit of an experiment with this one, had an image in my mind of some creepy Victorian cartoonish like chap with a sickly tint to his skin. Have been developing a line art style recently with some Minecraft images I’ve done, so I wanted to continue with that but look at colour changes in the lines depending on where they are on the figure/object. Shading also followed along similar lines to the other Minecraft related pieces (thus the shadowing is not actually overly accurate).
I was also continuing to experiment with the new brushes I’ve obtained and trying to create a different textured feel.

Might work on some more pieces in this style, perhaps pulling from some of the scarecrow (not Batman) designs I was playing with back at college.

Sketch: Elizabeth

It’s been a while since I’ve sketched out and about. Had to take the car into the shop earlier in the week, as a result my daughter Elizabeth and I were sat there for a few hours. So I decided to take one of my sketchbooks along with me whilst we waited.

After sketching few things around the mechanic’s office Elizabeth asked me to draw her as she played her DS. So here it is, a quick 5-10 minute sketch in ink pen, with another 5 mintues of quick “colouring” in Photoshop.

Elizabeth Sketch

Was a bit of a pain as she couldn’t keep still to save her life.