Of Portal 2 and Venture Brothers

Following on from Todd Alcott’s analysis of the Venture Brothers, Matt Colville shares some interesting views on a correlation between the Venture Brothers and Portal 2 as well as “discovery” game play.

Jonas Venture and the original Team Venture occupy the exact same time period as Aperture Science’s heyday. That’s not a coincidence. Valve could have given Aperture Science any number of backstories, but they deliberately set it in the 1960s. Cave Johnson and Jonas Venture are exact contemporaries. Cave Johnson is the Portalverse’s version of Jonas Venture. They’re the same character. Why use that era?

Because it seems so much more interesting to us than the present or, indeed, the future. That generation went and fought WWII, literally saved the world, invented the Atomic Age, and then went to the Moon. They dreamed ridiculously big dreams, the biggest in history, and then went and did them, it appears, effortlessly. We percieve no gap between their reach and their grasp. The Baby Boomers, their kids, had big dreams too. They were mostly artistic, the music and movies of the 1960s and 1970s.

Source: Squaremans

Both Todd and Matt offer some interesting insights that are definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re fans of Portal 2 and/or the Venture Brothers.

Seek The Wilds

Seek The Wilds

Haven’t updated in a while, been a bit crazy over the last few months. Had my parents over from England to visit for a while which was cool as I hadn’t seen Mum since the wedding and hadn’t seen Dad since I moved over here. Dad unfortunately wasn’t able to come over for the wedding due to Visa issues which was a shame.
But thankfully he got it all sorted out and got over here and finally met Jen.

Then a letter arrived this morning at my mother-in-law’s place regarding the next stage of the immigration process which needs to be done over the next few months so my stress levels sky rocketed today.
Jen keeps assuring me everything will be fine but I stress anyway, I’m sure I will do until everything is done and finished.

I’ve also been working on a new update to Grey Skies.

So I figured I’d post something today after getting back to grips with PhotoShop. In continuation with the current theme I’ve been working with, comes Seek The Wild. Which is in honor of the lovable llama himself Nomad.
At one point in our Minecraft server, mysterious signs started popping up all over the land. For example, next to the train station is a sign saying;

With speed comes sloth.
Seek The Wilds.

And next to a tall tower that was built near the spawn point is written;

A tall tower,
Soon to fall.
Seek The Wilds

These signs popped up everywhere, with commentary regarding the area in which they were placed. Whilst it caused some alarm at first I had been hunting all the signs down and reading them and thought they were great.
Which kind of inspired the process behind the exercise of today.