Metallic Textures Collection

Metallic Textures Collection

Another heads up regarding lovely textures to add to your growing library. This time the offering comes from Designer’s Terminal, who posted a nice selection of metallic textures for your viewing (and modeling) pleasure.

Head on over and check it out.

Tron Speed Painting

Tron Speed Painting

Recently ordered the combo blu-ray pack of Tron and Tron Legacy, which arrived today. So Kez and I spent the afternoon watching through both films.

Despite the poor reviews (not that I pay any attention to them) I greatly enjoyed Legacy, it’s probably one of my favorite films. The environments and imagery were great (aside from young Kevin/CLU’s face which didn’t quite work for me). Plus Daft Punk as the soundtrack? Hell yes I want some of that.

So I figured my daily practice, I’d do a speed painting, something Tron related so here it is, quick and dirty. Only took about 15 minutes mainly down to the white lines.

TF2 Heavy Finished (Update)


Was a bit of an experiment with this one. In the past I would block in the colour then paint up the highlights and shadows. With this one I decided to start with the shadow as the base and just build up the highlights. I think I prefer how this works over the old method.
I also experimented with some more textured brushes to give it more of a painterly textured feel.

The face still feels a little basic, but it turned out better than I expected, I left it last with the view that it was probably going to ruin the piece. I may go back and fix that in the future.

[update]: Of course I posted this image, and then realized I hadn’t finished the gloves.
So I’ve just re-upped the image with that fix and few other fixes to the ammo belt.

Work in Progress: Heavy


Ah the Heavy, Romeo to the Medic’s Juliet. Ended up watching a bunch of TF2 videos last night on youtube and felt like creating something TF2 related.

Usually I play Sniper or Spy but with sayings like “Entire team, is babies!” how can you not appreciate the Heavy.

Daily Practice: Explore

Practice piece for today, continuing the “retro” style. Been a bit busy lately working on various other projects so I’ve not had time to post.