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Recently I made some much needed updates to Grey Skies. As some of you may know I have stopped working in the web design field and returned to my original interest painting.
As I was building the updates for the site I had stripped out the comments for the blog as I felt they were no longer needed and were just an opening for spammers. I also notices that I seldom blogged written pieces and that all my entries are image based. I had been operating a blog over on Tumblr for a while which I felt has better mechanisms in place for posting images and sharing them across other Tumblr users and social sites. So, the blog at Grey Skies is now defunct and I shall be posting entries over on my Tumblr blog instead.

The blog can be found here:

In the new year I shall be activating a redirect for to automatically direct to the Tumblr blog.

Vaal’lin Concept: Public Link System

The Vaal’lin Public Link System is a large network of stations scattered through out the city. Within these devices sits a mechanism that will cycle through time triggers allowing the station to transport citizens to different locations at different times. Holographic displays above the stations give the timetable for transportations for the day allowing users to plan their trips.

Vaal’lin Concept: God Seed Shrine

(click image to enlarge)

Vaal’lin Concept: God Seed

Click image to enlarge.

Remnants left behind by the four Gods of Ashel. The purpose of which have been forgotten by the passing of time.

Or have they…

Photoshop CS5

Speed Paint: Night & Day

Took yesterdays speed painting and did a 45 minute session painting in the female and messing around with the background.

Been working on a lot of practice pieces involving people lately as my life drawing skill are rather rusty.

1 hour and 30 minute total – Photoshop CS5

We Have Wings

We Have Wings

The first word was “dream” from the middle of sleep which secretly accompanies the darkness in my heart.
The second word was “wind” directing my journey from God’s arms, fanning wings.
As if counting the melting sorrows, yet another golden apple fell.
Not even looking at the scenery, there is the place you’re going with merely a single life, you struggle to reach that place.
An old magic book; moondrops; the curtain of night — Only a premonition of meeting someday.
We can fly. We have wings. We can touch floating dreams. Call me from so far. Through the wind. In the light.
The third word was “hum”..Caught by straining ears as I softly release your trembling arms.
- Voices (Macross Plus)

I’m not one for quoting song lyrics in posts but I figured in this case I will due to the fact the piece received its name from the above lyrics.

D’ni Speed Painting

D'ni Speed Painting

30 minutes speed painting in Photoshop inspired by this image.

Learned a few things from this piece as I was experimenting with a new way to paint rocks, as well as further experiments in negative spaces. The techniques I was playing with should serve me well in further pieces.

Obduction: Crystal Tree

Obduction Crystal Tree

(Click to enlarge)

Piece done for Cyan’s Obduction game they are currently Kickstarting (you should go and support it). Edited version of the piece as the original gives gameplay elements away.

Shadowed Archetype: Appearance

Shadowed Archetype Appearance

Bit out of order these images. “Appearance” is actually the first of three images in the series with “Merger” being the second followed by “Assimilation”.